🌟 Introducing Dockerizer 🌟


We understand the frustrations that many of you have faced with Heroku Buildpacks and Nixpacks. The challenges encountered were often beyond our immediate control.

For this reason, we created Dockerizer - a UI for generating Dockerfiles and essential configuration files tailored to your projects' unique requirements.

So far we have Dockerizers for Angular, Express, Laravel, Nest.js, Next.js, Node.js, Nuxt.js, PHP, React, Strapi, and Vue.js.

Currently in beta, we're eager for your feedback to fine-tune Dockerizer. Plus, we welcome your contributions to make it better!

🔒 Pricing Update

Starting January 15, our pricing plans will change. Good news for existing customers – you won't be affected by the increase. This is your last chance to lock in the current prices




 🚧 Upcoming Feature

While this is just a prototype, I'm very excited about this upcoming feature. It will make Easypanel even easier! I cannot give you more details at this moment but here is a sneak peek.